Current / Future Projects


  • Enabling the school district to provide schools in the Rio Vista area with modern education technology equipment
  • Enabling all local youth to utilize the new city pool and to participate in other local beneficial youth activities, regardless of ability to pay.

5_18_16-donationOn May 18, 2016 the Rio Vista Foundation gave the River Delta Unified School District $6,545.43 to purchase 36 “Chromebook’ computers” and a charging cart for D.H. White School.  The donation, made possible by Teri and Paul Kinser, Jr. in memory of their son, Adam Kinser was matched by the RDUSD Educational Services department.  The district’s goal was to have one device per student at each school site by the end of 2018.  This set of Chromebooks will be added to the current inventory at the elementary school, bringing the total on campus to 144, and putting the current student to device ratio at less than 3:1.
Pictured from left: P. C. Kumar, RVF President; Joanne Azarnoff, Bob Bard, Judy Tussy, RVF board members; Amy Bettencourt, RDUSD Director of Educational Services; Don Beno, RDUSD Superintendent; Dave Hampton, and Verla Chaddick, RVF board members.